Two Ballechin IB ‘s from Edradour

Ballechin are the heavily peated distillate from Edradour distillery. A good friend makes me test those bottles that he particularly enjoys as daily drams. I hope I’ll love those too!

Ballechin 12yo 2004-2016 (53.7%, OB for The Flemish Tour 2016, Sherry cask, cask #349, 360 bottles)

Colour: Auburn.
Nose: Alcohol seems absent, it’s round but balanced. Cocoa, BBQ smoke, salt, peat and medicinal notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the flavours are intense. Honey, tannins, smoky peat, leather and some bewitching candied orange and chocolate… « Orangettes » if you know what I mean ! Really nice.
Finish : It’s long. Wood ashes, honey, smoky peat and hints of white pepper.

A really nice Ballechin. It’s really easy to drink, not really complex but instantly enjoyable!

Score: 89

Ballechin 16yo 2003-2019 (58.9%, Signatory Vintage, Islay cask then sherry cask, cask #186, 620 bottles)

Colour: Amber.
Nose: It’s quite round too. Some heavy peat and smoked meat at first. Then I have leather, raisins, iodine and salt on the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the flavours are really intense too but this time the profile is more meaty. I canb taste smoked peat wrapped in peat, wood ashes and a pinch of sea salt.
Finish: Long. Smoke, ashes and meat wrapping you mouth with little hints of candied oranges.

Really good too. When I’ll need some meat & peat profile I’ll know where to go now! In some ways it reminds me of some Montreal smoked meat. (If you have the opportunity to try that just take it!)

Score: 89

I really enjoyed those two Ballechin, those works perfectly as daily drams and the pricetag is fairly honest. Don’t expect huge complexity, that’s not the plan here.

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