Velier Demeraras

Velier Diamond & Versailles 1996-2014 (57.9%)
Velier Enmore & Port Mourant 1998-2014 (62.2%)

Velier Diamond SVW 1999-2014 (64.7%)
Velier Port Mourant 1993-2006 (65%)
Four tropical aged rums from Demerara, bottled by Velier… If you already tried some from that specific category you probably have good memories about it, right?

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The Duchess

The Duchess Labourdonnais 2010-2020 (57.9%)
The Duchess Rhumerie du Simon 2004-2019 (61%)

The Duchess Ten Cane 2008-2019 (63%)
The Duchess Fiji 2004-2020 (59.8%)
The Duchess Worthy Park 2006-2019 (57.9%)
The Duchess Uitvlugt 1993-2020 (50.1%)

More and more birds! The Duchess is a Dutch independent bottler that we hadn’t talk about yet on the blog.

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2000s Hampden

Thompson Bro’s Hampden 2000-2018 (55.1%)
Excellence Rhum Hampden 2000-2017 (54.6%)

Berry Bro’s Hampden TWB 2000-2018 (58.1%)
I didn’t even notice there were no 2000 Hampdens on the blog yet! I must say that’s not my favorite vintage, but let’s give those a try! Typically all Hampden releases from 2000 wear the LROK mark.

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Let’s face the hype! Part 2

The Nectar of the Daily drams Le Galion 2021 (59%)
This bottling is more recent than the two previous, it recently made a lot of noise. Bottled by the Belgian IB The Nectar of the Daily drams, that’s the first of its kind! A 6 months old traditional Grand Ârome rum from Le Galion distillery in Martinique, aged in an ex-PX/ex-DOK cask, what a crazy combo!

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