Rum Runner

Rum Runner Martinique (69.1%)
Rum Runner Cuba 2015-2020 (59.5%)
Rum Runner Belize 2007-2020 (60.9%)
Rum Runner T.D.L 2002-2020 (61.9%)
Rum Runner Monymusk 2007-2020 (61.2%)
Rum Runner Blend (62.5%)
Today let’s discover Rum Runner, a new French independent bottler which started with a range of 6 rums bottled at cask strength.

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High-end Hampdens part 2

Silver Seal Hampden 1993-2016 (50%)
Silver Seal Hampden 1993-2013 (50%)
Samaroli Hampden FP 1993-2014 (65.6%)
Cave Guildive Hampden 1993-2017 (61%)

If you read me you probably also love Hampden, I don’t hide that I was pretty excited by those last article’s line-ups, with some crazy labels! Some of these labels makes all of us shudders, especially that green colourful Samaroli label, isn’t it?

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High-end Hampdens part 1

Treasure Cask Hampden 1990-2017 (60.4%)
The Rum Cask Hampden 1990-2017 (61.9%)
If you follow us from several time you should know that this is the kind of tasting I use to enjoy a lot. A lot of high esters addicts friends told me that I must try this 26yo from TheRumCask so I started searching a sample of it and I can say that it wasn’t easy at all.

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Le Gus’t

Le Gus’t Uitvlugt 2007-2016 (74.1%)
Le Gus’t Demerara 2002-2017 Optimum (46%)
Le Gus’t Demerara FP 2002-2017 (61.1%)
Le Gus’t Demerara Cuffy Optimum 2002-2018 (60.4%)
Le Gus’t Demerara Cuffy FP 2002-2018 (66,9%)
Le Gus’t Demerara Marrons de la Liberté Optimum 2002-2019 (58.8%)
Le Gus’t Demerara Marrons de la Liberté FP 2002-2019 (65.7%)

Le Gus’t is a french independent bottler in whisky & rhum. We’re looking for months to catch at least a sample of each rum releases by them and are very happy to show you the whole line up today. We also did a live review on Twitch 18th of january, you can watch the replay right here.

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Samaroli 2020

Samaroli Brazil 2011-2020 (50%)
Samaroli Trinidad 1999-2020 (45%)
Samaroli Demerara 2007-2020 (45%)
Samaroli Demerara 2003-2020 (50%)
Samaroli Jamaica 2006-2020 (50%)

Everyone knows Samaroli because of the Silvano’s amazing work. But since the sad news of Silvano’s death, the brand has been bought. But I shall not go into the details because the informations we have are quite nebulous. What really interests us here is how are these new Samaroli’s bottlings, do they take up the torch of the historic rum selection done by Silvano?

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