Old Brothers MLC 2001

Old Brothers MLC 2001-2021 (61.3%)
Do you know the exact signification of MLC? Monymusk Light Continental, eh that’s quite contradictory with those 18 years under the tropics, right? But we’ve the same sh*t with some Hampden such as Habitation Velier C<>H for example. Anyway we’re not here to talk about letters, we’re only interested in what’s inside the bottle!

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They call me Mr. Blackadder

Blackadder Selection Enmore VSG 1996-2012 (47%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Belvedere 1998-2016 (57.5%)

Blackadder Raw Cask Guyana 2003-2017 (63%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Monymusk 2003-2016 (57.8%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Hampden 2000-2016 (58.1%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Fiji 2009-2018 (62.4%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Fiji 2009-2019 (64.1%)

Blackadder Caroni 12yo (46%)
Blackadder Raw Cask Caroni 1997-2015 (63.1%)

Blackadder Raw Cask Caroni 1997-2017 (61%)
10 rums line-up from Blackadder.
Blackadder is a british independent bottler of whisky & rum. I must say this article is quite special for me as I felt in love with Blackadder Raw Cask the first time I tasted it in our Salon du Rhum in Belgium. Raw Cask mean the rum is bottled unfiltered.

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S.B.S Guyana set

S.B.S Diamond 2003-2021 (53.7%)
S.B.S Diamond 2001-2021 (53.2%)

S.B.S Enmore 1994-2021 (48.5%)
S.B.S Uitvlugt 1989-2021 (53.1%)
Single Barrel Selection recently released four new Guyanese bottlings in 70cl format and also in 4x20cl set, it’s great to see that more and more bottlers offer this kind of set.

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Happy birthday

Corman Collins Hampden 1983-2019 (55.3%)
Valinch & Mallet Hampden 1983-2019 (55.3%)

Kill Devil Hampden 1983-2019 (58.1%)
Rum Artesanal Hampden 1983-2019 (58.9%)
First if you’re asking yourself, I’m not that old (sorry if you actually are more than 35 years old), I turned 27yo a few days ago and I wanted to celebrate it with some crazy rums and share it with all of you of course.

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