Nobilis Rum Enmore 1988

Nobilis Rum Enmore (Versailles) 1988-2020 (49.1%)
This is the first bottling of the brand new Danish independent bottler “Nobilis Rum“.
Nobilis started as a local rum club and has now only 5 members left. As part of this club, Kenneth suggested to the others to start as independent bottler. Kenneth shared with me the Nobilis ideology : they want to release only extraordinary casks, they won’t go on compromise with the quality and they’ll bottle only casks they would buy themselves. So watch out for their upcoming releases and follow us to discover each of them. I’ll review their second bottling next week, a 1993 Hampden.

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Barbados madness

Cave Guildive W.I.R.D 2000-2017 (56%)
Cadenhead’s Black Rock 1986-1999 (73.4%)

Barbados rums are mainly known because of Foursquare and Mount gay, but you could have missed the West Indies Rum Distillery! They were using the Rockley still in the past, the two rums I’ll taste today are coming from this still. The Cadenhead’s was bottled in 1999, this is the oldest release I have tasted yet.

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Compagnie des Indes Savanna WST&HF

Compagnie des Indes Savanna WST&HF 2008-2020 (58.3%)
Today let’s talk about the brand new bottling from Compagnie des Indes for my friend Gaëtan (Watch Smell Taste & Having Fun). This one is his second rum selection with CDI. This time he selected a Savanna Grand Ârome which was aged for 10 years under the Réunion tropics before it came back to France and lasts 2 years in an ex-Hampden cask.

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TDL or Caroni?

Rum Artesanal TDL 2001-2020 (56.5%)
Compagnie des Indes TDL 2003-2019 (63.5%)

The German bottler Rum Artesanal recently released a T.D.L rum from 2001 and it quickly grows into rumours of it being eventually a Caroni. I also had another great T.D.L from Compagnie des Indes to face it. So now let’s solve the mystery.

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Plantation Extreme N°4

Plantation Extreme Saint Lucia 2007-2020 UK (58.9%)

Plantation Extreme Guyana 1993-2020 BE (51.9%)
Plantation Extreme Jamaica 1996-2020 GER (60.3%)
Plantation Extreme Jamaica 1984-2020 FR (74.8%)

Plantation released the Extreme 4 series with a total of 8 bottlings. Each is country specific and I had the chance to taste four of them.

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S.B.S 2020

SBS Barbados 2000-2020 (53.2%)

SBS Australia 2007-2020 (55%)
SBS Brazil 2011-2020 (56.7%)
SBS El Salvador 2008-2020 (55%)

SBS Guyana 2003-2020 (59.7%)
SBS Fiji 2009-2020 (57%)

SBS means Single Barrel Selection. This is a Danish independent bottler who releases only Single cask rums from different countries. Here you’ll find the whole line-up of their new 2020 bottlings review.

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